The Bengali Association in Greater Philadelphia Area (Estd. 1972)

Pragati’s 45th Anniversary – Anupam Roy Concert in Philadelphia 2017

Welcome to Pragati – your home away from home…

We had a great Bijoya Sammilani with memorable musical experience offered by Anupam Roy and his Band. The Concert was Pragati’s “signature program” on its 45th Anniversary!!! All members, patrons and friends, who attended the Concert, instantly became witness of this historic moment. They expressed their joy and excitement with lip singing, dancing and cheerleading. Many shared the moments with their distant friends through live streaming of the Concert, and through facebook posting, email and phone calls. The EC is overwhelmed by the outpouring supports of the Bengalis in the neighborhood, as well as the fans and music lovers within Pragati and outside.  We couldn’t thank them enough!!! We are grateful to everyone who supported Pragati and encouraged the current EC (2016-2017) to fulfill Pragati’s vision, activities, and events on 45th Anniversary (the landmark year in Pragati’s history)!!! Your support made the members and non-members aspire and expect more from Pragati and its elected office bearers, for years to come.

Please visit us again for more exciting programs in coming years…We will work together to bring good change within Pragati, and make it a truly community organization with its charitable, cultural and social responsibility, as prime movers.

2017 Pragati sponsors

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Sajal Roy

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Atis and Ranita Chakraborty
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Pooja and Soumitra  Kayal
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Indrani and Swapan Banerjee
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