We will have General Body meeting (GB meeting) on Saturday (Oct 21, 2017), starting at 4PM (approx.)
We are expecting that the duration of the GB meeting will be 2 hours 30 minutes (approx.).
It can be less if we receive less number of deliberations from our respected general members.
EC will conduct the GB meeting as per the guidance of Pragati Constitution and Robert’s Rule. EC will form a GB meeting Committee to assist in this task.
The President will preside over the GB meeting.
We earnestly request all members to maintain discipline and adhere to following rules and policy in order to enable the EC to conduct GB meeting effectively and smoothly.
Members’ cooperation and support are vital and critical in this matter.

Rules and Policy:

  1. Members are required to pay their dues in full to be eligible to participate in the GB meeting. The Treasurer will certify the status and eligibility, in case of any dispute. The decision of the Treasurer, based on the supporting records, is final.
  2. Members should be in good standing to participate fully in election. As per Pragati’s Constitution:
    Any individual with at least 3 months of membership will be considered to be a member in good standing and eligible to participate fully in elections.
  3. Members are requested to sign the attendance sheet at the registration desk (before the GB meeting starts), in order to participate in the GB meeting.
  4. Members are earnestly requested to comply with the rules & policy and maintain the discipline & decorum to participate and remain in the meeting.
  5. In order to voice opinion, question and advice, in person, in the GB meeting, all eligible members must send an email request, with summary of the deliberation, to EC, at PragatiEC2017@gmail.com, by midnight of Friday, Oct 20, 2017.
    EC need to compile these emails, provide opportunities, and avoid unnecessary repetitions and chaos.
    * Members can also fill out the online form below to send their request by by midnight of Friday, Oct 20, 2017.
  6. Allocated time will be adhered to and digression should be avoided by the member.
  7. Other eligible members, who are not attending the GB meeting in person, can also express their opinion, question, and advice, if they so desire, by sending an email request, with summary of the deliberation, to EC, at PragatiEC2017@gmail.com, by midnight of Friday, Oct 20, 2017.
    EC will compile their communication and share in the GB meeting, if they so desire.
    * Members can also fill out the online form below to send their request by midnight of Friday, Oct 20, 2017.
  8. Additional rules & policy, discipline & decorum may be included at a later time, to conduct the GB meeting effectively and smoothly.
  9. All decisions of the EC (and its GB meeting Committee), about any aspect of the GB meeting, are final.

GB meeting Agenda:

    1. Introduction
    2. Roll Call and House keeping rules (reaffirm the adherence to the Rules & Policy)
    3. Ratification of last GB Meeting
    4. Report on Pragati programs and events
    5. Report on BOT activities
    6. Report on Pragati Operating Fund
    7. Report on Pragati General Fund and other Assets
    8. Lessons Learnt and Recommendations of current EC
    9. Opinion & Advice Session
    10. Response by EC to Opinion & Advice, if any
    11. Q&A Session (pre-registered questions only) One question per member
      Question (max. 3 minutes)  -> Answer (max. 4 minutes)
      Rebuttal (max. 2 minutes) -> Final Answer (max. 3 minutes)
    12. Items on the floor, if any, for discussion, vote and decision, if such voting is called for by EC. Election polling and floor nomination are not allowed during GB meeting.
    13. Concluding remarks by the President with highlights of organizational vision and change for improvement and progress
    14. Vote of Thanks

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