In 1972, Pragati, the Bengali Association of the Greater Philadelphia area was formed by the Bengalis of this area, and it was incorporated as a not-for-profit association in 1977. Currently, Pragati has nearly 80 life members and over 200 regular members and friends.

Pragati, being a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization, has a charitable obligation towards the greater community that we live in. Actually, it is not just an obligation – it is part of Pragati’s mission as specified in the constitution. Every year, during different Pragati events, we collect donations, raise funds but dedicate all the proceeds primarily to fund our own festivities. We tend to forget the moral duty that we have towards the community that we call our home.

Different executive committees in the past have raised funds for helping people during different disasters and carried out Pragati’s charitable work on an ongoing basis.Pragati has also started food donation drive, cash donations and donation of a good amount of non-perishable food items. Through our members support we have proved that we care and feel for the plight of the less fortunate citizens of the area. We have received encouragements to continue this work.