Welcome to Pragati* – your home away from home…

We thank all members, friends and patrons for the opportunity to serve.
It is a pleasure and honor to carry Pragati’s mission forward.
We celebrated Pragati’s 45th Anniversary and offered unique programs to our members, friends and patrons.

We organized cultural events of different genres, in addition to our usual ritualistic programs, aka pujas.
We were able to foster welcoming environment for all guests, irrespective of their country of origin, religion, belief or social affiliation.

We got opportunity to organize special events like Barsho Boron, Theater Workshop, Film and Photography exhibition, with participation from members, friends and patrons of Bengali diaspora in tri-state area. We brought on stage, Bengali Kawali, Evolution of Bengali poems from Charya pada era and tribute to “Pancha Kobi” in Bengal and unique dance choreography programs. We were fortunate to expand our relationship with neighbor organizations and individuals in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

The cultural events during the Autumn festival seasons (aka Sharodiya Utsab) were accentuated by special programs: e.g. Shubhen Chatterjee‘s Fusion Band, Projonmo-O-Porompora led by Sarodia Anirban Dasgupta (in 2016), and special appearance of Sourendra-Soumyojit juti (in 2017), Kolkata-r Dhak-O-Dhaki, Balmiki Pratibha etc.
We were honored to publish an exclusive poem written for us by famous poet Sankhya Ghosh for our Sharodiya magazine-2016.

As part of Pragati’s prestigious 45th Anniversary celebration, we organized special Bijoya Sammilani with Anupam Roy and his team, first time ever in Pennsylvania. Due to contractual obligation and nature of the programs, we had to keep many sensitive information confidential and confined only within the EC officials, which drew unnecessary criticism and hostility among some members, causing stressful working environment for voluntary service.

Anupam and his team offered an electrifying experience to the audience, and overall, we had grand success during the festival season 2017.

Pragati’s social and charitable events were organized to promote it’s vision and image in the mainstream (the larger society around us). Interactions at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Diwali celebration at Reading Terminal Market, Reception and programs with West Bengal Arts Council, Historical Society and the University of Pennsylvania are some examples of what we could accomplish in this area, during last two years.

To stay connected with our roots and heritage, we organized special receptions and recognition events to honor cultural personalities from Kolkata, like Alakananda Roy (ref. MuktoDhara), Partha Pratim Deb (ref. Nandikar and Bahgajatin Alaap) etc. Through multimedia presentation program and magazine article, we remembered late Kalika Prasad for his extraordinary contributions in Folk Song and Folk culture of Bengal.

We organized sneak preview/pre-release screening of “AranyaDeb“, a children’s film on friendship, made by Debsahis Sensharma followed by Q&A session with the Director.

We also organized picnic to encourage new membership and introduced “Welcome and Recognition” program to appreciate our Patrons, Sponsors and Donors. We are humble to report that we were able to successfully organize all the above programs and stayed within our means to remain fiscally responsible.

We sincerely hope and invite upcoming EC to continue these endeavors and promote Pragati’s vision and mission further.
Please visit us again for more exciting programs in coming years…We will work together to bring good change within Pragati, and make it a pioneer community organization with its charitable, cultural and social responsibility, as prime movers.

* Pragati is chartered as a non-profit, non-political, social, cultural, and charitable organization