Report from outgoing EC 2016-2017

Welcome to Pragati – your home away from home…

We thank all members, friends and patrons for the opportunity to serve.
It is a pleasure and honor to carry Pragati’s mission forward.
We celebrated Pragati’s 45th Anniversary and offered unique programs to our members, friends and patrons.

We organized cultural events of different genres, in addition to our usual ritualistic programs, aka pujas.
We were able to foster welcoming environment for young and old, new and veteran, irrespective of their country of origin, religion, belief or social affiliation.

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2017 GB Meeting Announcement



Role Name Email
President Partha Debnath
Vice President
(Community Relations and Outreach)
Indrani Banerjee
General Secretary Chandralekha Ghose
Treasurer Srilekha Paul
(Rituals and Puja Management)
Tapati Kundu
(Event Management)
Somreeta Sharma

*** We are actively looking to expand the team by inducting energetic members from the community. Please send your name and areas of interest where you can serve. Take active role and make Pragati your “home away from home“.