2017 Durga Puja (Early Registration till Sep 15, 2017)

Sourendra – Soumyajit Concert (Sep 24, 2017)

Anupam Roy Concert (Oct 8, 2017)

2017 Durga Puja Sponsorship

This year (2017) is special for Pragati lovers : Pragati entered into 45th year of its humble existence. We started celebrating Pragati’s 45th Anniversary, starting with a FREE Picnic for ALL (Saturday, August 26, 2017). We are introducing Three Days (Fri, Sat, Sun)  Durga Puja starting this year. We are organizing separate and special Bijoya Sammilani Concert (Anupam Roy & team) on Oct 8, 2017, and the list continues. We are inviting everyone, who loves Pragati, to join us with open mind and active support, to prepare our 5 year plan with a goal to observe Pragati’s Golden Jubilee Celebration in 2022.

Come and let’s work together to shape the future of Pragati with everyone’s active participation!!!